Thursday, September 4, 2008

what to do with an overflowing garden

Look, I'm back! Woo hoo. Anyway.... our little community garden plot has been producing loads of stuff. We're overloaded with tomatoes and jalapenos in particular. You start getting that vegetable guilt, you know, when you look at the windowsill and twenty tomatoes are there staring at you petulantly, developing black spots, because you just ate twenty yesterday and just picked a hundred from the garden today and frankly it's a little overwhelming. (And no, I don't can; the initial buying output is too much for me.)

So I roast! Load many many tomatoes in a baking dish (all kinds of tomatoes, cut into wedges, and you can use cherries as well). Slick with good olive oil. Also salt and pepper. I use my hands to stir, it's easier, although then it's helpful if someone's around to turn the faucet on for you. Throw in the oven for 20 minutes or so at 425. Serve plain as a side dish, or on pasta, or on bread as bruschetta. Consider also whirring in a blender and turning into soup.

As for the jalapenos: if you know people who love them some heat, try jalapeno salsa. Chop coarsely as many jalapenos as you want, including seeds and pith in maybe half. (Although you could go nuts and throw all the seeds in, who am I to judge.) Put them in a food processor (or the chopper thingie of your immersion blender) with a tomato or two (deseeded), salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil. And whir! This went over very well at a recent burrito party. It's lovely and green with little red flecks, and makes a nice counterpoint to your standard homemade pico de gallo (also a nice use of tomatoes).

That's it from this urban farmer! If you're in my neighborhood, come on by and visit. We've planted about thirty turnip plants for the fall. Anyone know any good turnip recipes??

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