Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Crock Pot Concoction # 1 or Super Easy, Nothing Fancy HAPPY NEW YEAR Winter Crock Pot Recipe # 1

In an effort to stop spending so much money in 2008, I am going Crock Pot crazy for the winter...I often read Crock Pot cookbooks and use their recipes but I wanted to try an "off the cuff" version of my own.

Last night, I made an amazing, comforting-on-a-cold-day, SUPER EASY Crock Pot concoction! I thought it would turn out to be more of a "hearty soup" or "stew" but it came out more like a pasta dish with a nice sauce in the outcomes may vary.


*vegetables -- carrots; tomatoes; broccoli; onions; dulse*..whatever else you want to throw in would probably work out great too!..the vegetables were frozen and pre-cut..making this recipe even easier

*chicken broth (I used organic but use whatever you prefer)

*chicken patties cut into small bits

*crock pot seasoning for beef or chicken..bought at local supermarket....or you could throw in a bunch of your own spices that you have handy with some flour....but for SUPER EASY just buy the crock pot spice packet..and the spice packet will give this recipe a better consistency

*bowtie pasta (or whatever shaped pasta that you have on hand that would be suitable for a pasta dish with sauce..not spaghetti though)

*add all ingredients to the crock pot!

cook for 4 hours on high..add bowtie pasta 30 mins before your 4 hours are up....I added them the last 45 mins and they were overdone...but again check on them after 30 mins.

Eat over more pasta or rice or solo! Could also be an appetizer. I also added some salt and pepper to the mix however the dulse offers a lot of natural salt flavor.

Serve with salad and a nice loaf of fresh bread and olive oil!

Warning: try dulse* before you use's definately an aquired taste and not for everyone...after visiting a friend in Canada who LOVES it --I snacked on it for the rest of the winter and still like it when I want something healthy but salty!

For more dulse info visit:

Will post picture soon!


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