Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sharona's Birthday Cupcakes: I can't believe they're from scratch!

I've never made cupcakes, let alone cakes from scratch before. At least not for as long as I can remember. I'm a big fan of mixes in a box. This way I'm almost always guaranteed to have all the ingredients. I know it's cheating, but who really notices? And frosting always comes from the Betty Crocker can. Always.

But it was Sharona's birthday and she refuses to eat cake from a mix. I wanted to make her some baked goodness, and I knew she could tell if the cake came from a mix (she's that good) even if I lied and said it didn't. So I set out to make her yellow cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting.

From scratch.

I'm not going to post the recipe for the cake or frosting here. It's the generic recipe, mine came from the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook, probably page 171.

I will post the photos though.

And while I may be inclined to make cake from scratch again, I will NEVER make frosting from scratch EVER again. I am still cleaning wayward chocolate bits from my walls and appliances. Even the cats got a coating of cocoa powder.

Here they are in all their chocolatey glory (with sprinkles!).

The recipe yielded two dozen, so Sharona gottwo Tupperwares full of cupcakes, and I pawned the rest off on my coworkers and teens. The teens went crazy over them, declaring them "the best s@%# ever" as they inhaled them.

They pair nicely with the new YA fiction book "Cupcake" by Rachel Cohn.

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Sharona said...

too bad a certain boyfriend left them in the flippin' cab! some taxi driver inhaled all my birthday cupcakes!