Friday, February 16, 2007

cauliflower-leek kugel

After Danielle made her French onion soup, we had a discussion about how recipes, if one plans on making dinner when one gets home from work (and be eating before 8 PM), should not involve both stove-top cooking and oven-cooking. It's too much, it's silly, and it involves way too many pans.

However, my organic box of love this week bestowed upon me two gigantic leeks and a head of cauliflower (or, as my s.o. likes to call it, cauliflolly). I have never gotten leeks before, and the only things that readily popped into my head were potato leek soup (not in the mood) and colcannon (too carby). And I've had cauliflower enough times before that I feel I've exhausted the options (lots of curry, the occasional crudite). So right before I had to leave work last night, I plugged "leek" and "cauliflower" into epicurious, and came up with this kugel.

Amazingly, the only thing I didn't have at home were the fresh herbs (dill and parsley), which was easily remedied by a stop at the co-op. Yes, I have matzo meal at home.

It took a lot of stovetop time to execute, and quite a lot of pans: toasting the almonds, steaming the cauliflolly, sauteing the leeks. And a lot of bowls: mashing the cauliflolly, beating the eggs, mixing the almonds. And then after all that, you had to bake it!

But it did come out quite good. As an added bonus, it's kosher for Passover, although it's hard to imagine my mother eating this!


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