Tuesday, January 30, 2007

quinoa surprise

After obsessively reading Lorna Sass' new cookbook on whole grains, I've decided I need way more bizarre and hard-to-find grains in my diet. Like amaranth. And teff. Quinoa is actually something I keep in my pantry, so after reading Lorna's bit on what flavors go with what grains, I headed to the fridge to create something healthy.

Cook quinoa according to package (cook with part broth, if you have it)


garlic (many cloves, crushed)
green or red pepper
a can of beans, drained (black would be nice, also chickpeas)
frozen corn (Trader Joe's roasted corn works nicely)
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, any other spices that strike you (oregano?)

Mix with quinoa.


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