Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The French Onion Soup That Wasn't

I tried to make French Onion Soup last night. I figured since I had the day off and it was rainy and cold, it'd be perfect, but silly me waited too long to try and throw it together.

It was late when I started out to make it. Upon rereading the recipe I discovered:
1) this soup was not a quick soup (who knew?)
2) once made, the soup has to simmer on the stove for 40 minutes (not good news to my hungry tummy)
3) I needed flame-proof/ resistant soup bowls to BROIL the soup in before serving. (What? I've never heard of them, so obviously I don't own any and the bowls I do own barely survive the microwave.)

Needless to say I was disappointed, especially because I spent $12 on two kinds of cheese the day before.

The soup will have to wait for now. At least until I can get my hands on these bowls.

And by the way- I added extra corn, soy milk, and two chopped baked potatoes to the corn and crabmeat soup and it redeemed itself. Potatoes really do cut the taste of ginger.

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